What makes a great school fete – Activities and Ideas

Whether your children attend a private or state school, fund raising is an inevitable part of the typical school year. If you have been asked or perhaps you are already part of the fund raising committee, you will have often asked yourself – what makes a good school fete?  Marjo Jumping  can help …  with our fantastic jumping castles.

School fetes are generally annual events, most of the time occurring at the start or the end of the year. And to make yours the one to remember it is important to take into consideration the age of the students and the typical family that belongs to your school.  At Marjo we support our local community with our jumping castle hire.

For instance, you probably won’t want to hire a single jumping castle for the high school; however one or two of them (depending on the size of your school) will be perfect for primary aged kids!  We have all sorts of school fete activities and ideas to make your’s one to remember.

Schools are great places for jumping castle hire – with large fields and play grounds you can have more than one size or style. At Marjo, our castles come in a range of sizes and themes at very affordable rates allowing you to get the most out of your fund raising initiative. Remember to plan for the season and the weather.   Just talk to  us …. we deliver the best customer service.