Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It’s a rainy day and the kids are at home.  What rainy day activities are there for kids?! Let Marjo Jumping Castles find the solutions. . We have Pirate Pete and Jo Jo the  Clown who  can provide a whole bunch of fun and laughter with simple games that the kids can play indoors or your under covered alfresco or veranda . There are simple fun games like treasure sands, cannon duels and the children can sing along with Pirate Pete or have their very own a kids karaoke competition. Jo Jo the Clown gets up to some mischief with doing Kids Crazy Hair, Face Painting and more!!

Kids need release and exercise, especially when stuck inside due to the rain.  Forget the iPads, the DVD’s and the movies. Get them outside in the fresh air and being healthy, but most of all, having a ball.  Our jumping castles are a fantastic way to promote healthy lifestyle.