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Disney Frozen Jumping Castle

Disney Frozen Jumping Castle has joined the Marjo Jumping Castle family! 

The time has come to jump on the Frozen Movie party theme! The kids will  jump for joy on our new Disney Frozen jumping castle, the hottest Disney movie to join our exciting line of themed jumping castles.  This will make kids party entertainment so much easier, with a larger selection of fantastic jumping castle themes to choose from.

Frozen Jumping Castle

Have all the girls singing with Elsa’s ‘Let It Go’ while they jump inside this fabulous Disney Frozen jumping castle that is safe, easy to use and keeps them entertained for hours.   The Disney Elsa Frozen jumping castle is perfect for little dressed up Elsa’s, Anna’s and Olaf’s to imagine they too …..are inside the frozen Arandelle Kingdom!

The Frozen jumping castle will transport the children to the world of ice and magic.  Put the music on and let them jump on our fantastic new Disney Frozen jumping castle.

The Frozen jumping castle for hire will bring to life a Frozen themed party, and add that extra bit of sparkle to a fantastic and entertaining day. So, along with the blue jelly ‘ice’ squares, snowflake tiaras, and other ‘frozen’ party ideas you have, be sure to include the new Disney Frozen jumping castle from Marjo Jumping Castles!

Disney Frozen jumping castle party ideas

Not only do our Marjo jumping castles provide hours of entertainment, the kids are getting healthy exercise as well as having the time of their life! Bring beauty and charm to your next child’s party, and entertainment plus by hiring our Disney Frozen jumping castle.



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Things to Do with Kids

Things to Do with Kids

Needing some variety these school holidays? Things to do with the kids? Something that is cheap, cheerful, plenty of fun, OUTSIDE and provides and active environment for your children? Well, look no further than Marjo Jumping!

Parents often look for things to do for kids in order for them to have fun and memorable moments . Whether this is taking them out to the beach or playing with a kite with them, there is a huge abundance of things to do for kids. A jumping castle is the perfect opportunity for children to spend hours playing together in a fun and active environment. Children love to play and we have a variety of jumping castles that are suitable for your children to have fun and burn some energy.

Our jumping castles all meet Australian Standards for safety, and what could be easier — we deliver  and set it up, and when you are finished with it, we come back, deflate, pack up and leave!

Contact us now to book!


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All For Fun Jumping Castles

All for fun jumping castles with Marjo Jumping!

Marjo Jumping is your one stop shop for an All For Fun jumping castles hire.

All For Fun Jumping castle hire in Brisbane



Kid’s birthdays are always a huge success when a Marjo Jumping jumping castle is involved. They are a safe, super fun and exciting way for the kid’s to celebrate a birthday, and best of all, you can hire a themed jumping castle to match the party theme. Pixar Cars, Toy Story and Princesses.   This is an All for Fun, all inclusive party solution.

With our generators you can take the party wherever you want. We have generators to suit both sizes of our fantastic jumping castles. All for fun is what makes Marjo Jumping the number one jumping castle hire business in Gippsland. Our service is friendly, our jumping castles are safe, and we are very affordable.

Contact us now to book.



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School Fete Ride Hire

Looking for School Fete Ride Hire?  Hire a Jumping Castle!

Are you looking for the perfect rides for your school fete or festival? You are probably feeling overwhelmed with the task – particularly if this is your first fete and you don’t know where to start! Where is that fete guide your predecessor left? Grab it! Read it, savour it but make your mark – could you do better?!

Our friends at the Fetes & Festivals have a fete checklist which is really helpful – particularly for newbies.

Things you should consider for the big day when choosing your rides are;

1. The space and how many people you think will come to your event. If you are using the school oval, try and get dimensions and talk to your stall holder convenor to see how much space they will need if you have to share the space.

2. What ages you will be catering for – a primary school fete for example tends to attract younger children / toddlers

3. Do you use arm bands or charge per ride? Success varies but the arm band is growing in popularity and discounting the arm band up until the day before the fete can help with cash flow and also to get some guaranteed sales before the big day. Another bonus is less queuing on the event day with people trying to buy arm bands. Payment on the day can be tricky – make sure you can get an eftpos machine if possible. $35 per child on the day can be lost if the adult doesn’t have the cash!

4. Typically the younger children can miss out as there may be only one ride suitable for their age. Try and offer an alternative to the older kids rides by keeping them separate and offering a cheaper (and different colour arm band of course) for the toddler section. A toddler section can include a carousel ride, a couple of jumping castles, a soft play area and even some stalls eg a cupcake decorating stall, crazy hair stall etc. Pricing can vary but we see it often around the $15 mark for the younger area and $30 for the older kids rides.

Soft Play Area

5.  Think about the weather! It is often handy to keep the toddler rides section well out of the way of the older kids. If you can get a shaded area, this always helps especially in warmer weather in full sun.

Any other tips? Let us know!

Happy Jumping!

Marc & Josephine




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Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party Ideas

Let Marjo Jumping help you with your next kids party – we have  game ideas that can help make your party a real hit with the young ones.  With kids parties, you need game ideas, food ideas, and how to keep them busy and enjoying themselves.

At  Marjo Jumping  we can supply  party solutions to fit any needs, budget, location or requirement. Together with Marjo’s Pirate Pete and Jo Jo the Clown the Kids will have a lot of fun and laughter with new & simple games that they had not played before.

Pirate Pete claims to be related to the notorious Captain Blood and Captain Hook!!  He likes dueling cannons and the children can find gold nuggets in his treasure sands. His pirate sailing ship is named ‘The Skull & Cross Bones that has two firing cannons” (pops out plastic cannon balls). Pirate Pete also sings a few tunes including his very own pirate song. Jo Jo the Clown gets up to some mischief with crazy hair and face painting.

Jumping Castles Gippsland

Marjo Jumping also has a kids karaoke including screen and discs for the kids try out their singing voice. You could have ‘The Voice’ as your kids party idea theme .. where the kids sing their favorite songs!

With our great selection of themed jumping castles, at a very competitive price and friendly service, kids parties are our forte! For game ideas, you could hire our  Sports Interactive jumping castle.

And with our generators you can hire our jumping castle’s and we can deliver anywhere  at your local park, golf club, or even swimming pool! Parks are fantastic, because they have a lot of space, and you set everything up around the jumping castles with trestle tables, balloons and if there is a playground nearby, the kids will have so much fun to choose from.  Best of all, you can throw all the mess away before going home!

So for your next kids party, contact us for great kids party ideas, we will have you organised in no time!

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Jumping Castle Hire Safety for a Fun Day

Jumping Castle Hire Safety — What to look out for when hiring a jumping castle

What do you look for when hiring a jumping castle for your kids party? Safety is a big factor, and at Marjo Jumping we stress the importance of choosing an operator that has all jumping castle safety measures in place for jumping castle hires.

All our jumping castles are made with the highest quality materials (that meet flammability requirements), and are tested to be safe for children.   Marjo Jumping Castles electrical equipment  is Tested and Tagged  every 3 months so we leave nothing to chance.

As long as the instructions and rules are adhered to by the operator,  jumping castles are easy to manage.  All you need to do is have that perfect spot for the castle to be pumped up (all pumps and connectors are complete with the jumping castle) and switch on the fun!

Basic rules to ensure a safe and fun day:

– Suitable grassy area for the castle

– Access to power outlet (or a generator can be supplied on request)

– Suitable lighting if a night time event

– Suitable supervision (18 years or older) to monitor the size and number of children on the jumping castle

– Appropriate impact absorbing material at all exits, entrances and open sides.

Unsatisfactory conditions are

– Unsuitable ground (sloping or lumpy).

– Operators that will try to squeeze the jumping castle into a unclear area (too small a space).

– Hazards that could affect the jumping castle (such as low lying tree branches or rocks / boulders).

If you observe any of the above conditions you MUST immediately evacuate the children, and notify the operator .


Jumping Castle Hire Safety

Large, flat, grassy areas are perfect for jumping castles

Contact us for more info on booking your next party!  We can theme your party any way you choose, so contact us to book now!


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School Fete Activities and Ideas

What makes a great school fete – Activities and Ideas

Whether your children attend a private or state school, fund raising is an inevitable part of the typical school year. If you have been asked or perhaps you are already part of the fund raising committee, you will have often asked yourself – what makes a good school fete?  Marjo Jumping  can help …  with our fantastic jumping castles.

School fetes are generally annual events, most of the time occurring at the start or the end of the year. And to make yours the one to remember it is important to take into consideration the age of the students and the typical family that belongs to your school.  At Marjo we support our local community with our jumping castle hire.

For instance, you probably won’t want to hire a single jumping castle for the high school; however one or two of them (depending on the size of your school) will be perfect for primary aged kids!  We have all sorts of school fete activities and ideas to make your’s one to remember.

Schools are great places for jumping castle hire – with large fields and play grounds you can have more than one size or style. At Marjo, our castles come in a range of sizes and themes at very affordable rates allowing you to get the most out of your fund raising initiative. Remember to plan for the season and the weather.   Just talk to  us …. we deliver the best customer service.



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Surprise Party Ideas

Ultimate Surprise Party Ideas with Jumping Castle Hire Gippsland

What child or adult does not love a surprise party? Marjo Jumping Castles can help you organise that special surprise party with some fantastic ideas! We can help you organise and set up the surprise party without the special person ever knowing. What is better than the  look on of your child’s,teenager or even best friend’s face  at the shock of you throwing a surprise party for THEM?!! We have a range of  themed jumping castles  for hire – including  Pirate Pete and Jo Jo the Clown. Perfect  for that surprise party!


Disney's Frozen Jumping Castle

Surprise your loved one with a jumping castle party!

 Just make sure you tell us in advance and we can book the perfect options for your surprise party, including generator hire – you can actually have the party anywhere.

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